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Eternal Essentials is Audere’s groundbreaking anti-aging solution that sets a new standard in skincare. Our proprietary blend harnesses the unparalleled power of nature’s most potent ingredients: Moringa Oil, Tamanu Oil, Marula Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Baobab Oil, and Gotu Kola Extract. Each carefully selected element works synergistically to rejuvenate, nourish, and protect your skin.


the fountain of youth

This powerful combination of natural ingredients  diminishes fine lines, enhances elasticity, and restores your skin’s natural radiance. By integrating Eternal Essentials into our skincare line, we’re offering you elevated results with your skincare routine that delivers visible, lasting results. Embrace the Audere difference, where cutting-edge innovation meets timeless beauty. Age gracefully and confidently with the unparalleled benefits of Eternal Essentials in every Eternal product.

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face off

Face Off will leave your skin hydrated and glowing, ensuring you step out with confidence every single day.

What is Eternal Essentials?

Moringa Oil

Deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Balances oil production, suitable for all skin types.

Deeply penetrates for long-lasting hydration with a non-greasy finish.

Tamanu Oil

Rose hip oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants like vitamin C and E, which help fight free radicals and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains essential fatty acids that promote skin regeneration.

The oil is deeply moisturizing, locking in hydration and improving skin elasticity. It’s ideal for dry and dehydrated skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Rosehip oil’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritated skin, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.

Marula Oil

aloe vera

Soothes irritated and inflamed skin.

Provides deep hydration and moisture retention.

Promotes skin healing and reduces redness.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

Provides a natural, youthful glow.

Baobab Oil


Softens the skin and improves texture.

Attracts and retains moisture for lasting hydration.

Enhances skin barrier function.

Gotu Kola Extract

Olive Oil

Provides intense hydration and nourishment.

Rich in antioxidants to protect against free radicals.

Improves skin texture and elasticity.

Face Off Cleanser

Face Off Instructions

  • Prepare Your Skin: Start with a splash of lukewarm water to open up your pores and prepare your skin for cleansing.
  • Apply Cleanser: Dispense a small amount of Face Off 5-in-1 Cleanser into your hands.
  • Massage Gently: Using circular motions, gently massage the cleanser into your skin, focusing on areas prone to oil and impurities such as the T-zone.
  • Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse your face with lukewarm water, ensuring all cleanser is removed.
  • Pat Dry: Gently pat your face dry with a clean, soft towel. Avoid rubbing to prevent irritation.


Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Glycerin, Chamomile Essential Oil, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E Oil, Ashwagandha Essential Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Geranium Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Xanthan Gum, Distilled Water, Leucidal (Natural Preservative)

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